wer're likely strangers - but I hope that changes soon!

 Hi there, Hannah here! I grew up in Hampden, Maine and have spent the majority of my life enjoying all this gorgeous state has to offer. After several years working in finance, the itch to do something more creative became too strong to ignore. Ever since my hands were big enough to grip a camera, I have been photographing my family, friends, landscapes, snowflakes, chipmunks and EVERYTHING else that caught my eye!

Diving into a career in photography was not only the easiest decision I've made, it was also the most thrilling! I am happiest with my camera in hand - and smiling (or serious and brooding - I can work with that too) faces in front of me! The Mulligan Brothers sing in their song titled The Deal:

'She's wearing a smile

The kind you can't make when you try

It's just a natural manifestation of elation on her face'.

There are few things that bring me more joy than checking my camera screen and seeing that I just captured that very expression. I would be delighted to have the opportunity to turn what was a fleeting moment into something that will last forever for you!